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human first program

At Renault, we strive to make safety accessible and humane for drivers, passengers & pedestrians alike. Following this approach, the Human First Program was born.

The initiative aims at offering you a secure driving experience, through the power of cutting-edge design & technology. Being at the frontline, we have upgraded the safety quotient and made our whole range BS6 step 2 compliant*.


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advanced driver-assistance systems



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safety patents filedsince 1969



firefighters trainedin 17 countries

Renault and firefighters, a unique partnership

Renault has trained 5,000 firefighters in 17 European, Asian, African and Latin American countries*. As a result, they have better knowledge of new generation vehicles. It is the only manufacturer to include road rescue teams in its innovation process, and the only one to have appointed a full time Lieutenant-Colonel firefighter in engineering teams. The roll-out of Renault QRescue on all models(1), the SD Switch(2) and Fireman Access(3) is the result of this collaboration.

(1) as standard from 2022 for new Renault models
(2) on all electric vehicles
(3) on E-Tech 100% electric and E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles 

QRescue - automotive safety - Renault

Renault QRescue: saving time for the emergency services

With a QR code on the windscreen and rear window, Renault QRescue gives firefighters immediate access to the vehicle’s ‘rescue sheet’. 


It provides firefighters with all the information they need to allow them to work efficiently and safely. This can save almost 15 precious minutes when it comes to taking care of victims within the golden hour*.


*urgent time window when patients must receive definitive trauma care

Fireman Access - automotive safety - Renault

Fireman Access

Even though our high voltage batteries are designed to ensure that they are not deteriorated by any intrinsic cause, a fire caused by external reasons is always possible. If a fire spreads to the battery, Fireman Access - a Renault innovation - points to the heart of the battery where firefighters can direct the fire hoses. Response times are therefore reduced from several hours to five minutes!

SD Switch - automotive safety - Renault

SD Switch

To prevent the risk of firefighters being electrocuted, the “sd switch” instantly disconnects the battery from the high voltage network.

firefighter training - automotive safety - Renault

firefighter training

The only manufacturer in the world to have appointed a full-time Lieutenant-Colonel firefighter in engineering and the only one to collaborate regularly with road rescue teams, Renault has trained 5,000 firefighters from 17 countries worldwide in just a few years! From 2023, new courses are already planned in Europe and Latin America.

in safety, cutting-edge vehicles

In 50 years, Renault has helped divide by 5 the number of victims on the roads. To continuously improve everybody’s safety, the experts from the LAB (Accidents and Biomechanics Laboratory) and the 600 engineers and technicians innovate relentlessly. In total, over 2,000 patents have been filed and a range of cutting-edge technological solutions like Fireman Access and the SD Switch have been developed.

future mobility and safety

the future of safety at Renault

the future of safety at Renault

Renault’s road safety policy is broken down into 5 areas: raise awareness, prevent, correct, protect and rescue. Innovations are constantly emerging, for instance the Safety score, the Safety coach and the Safety guardian, which are set to revolutionise safety at the wheel.

safety by Renault

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